How Jennifer Aniston rescued Selena Gomez from Justin Bieber's depressing love

Pop sensation Selena Gomez has enjoyed one of the best fan bases all across the world. 

The beauty has remained to be the most followed celebrity on social media platforms until last year for the longest time and charted blockbuster singles for a long time.

However, her breakup with Justin Bieber hit her hard, and that was the start of her downfall.

It was a treat to watch the Rare singer on various gala events, routine music videos and all the happening side of hers. It was what fans craved for, for real! But it was Justin Bieber who cheated on her, and eventually, their fallout along with her health issues affected Selena Gomez to a large point. But thanks to FRIENDS fame, Jennifer Aniston who turned out to be the truest friend ever!

A compiled video by Goalcast is going viral all across the social media platforms which showcases all about Selena’s life, starting from the heartbreak to Jennifer Aniston turning out to be her guardian angel.

Talking about the time when the Rare Beauty owner first saw Aniston, Selena Gomez shared, “I ran away from Jennifer Aniston when she said ‘Hi!’ I was terrified of her. Yes, I was scared so I ran away and I’m really embarrassed about that. But I didn’t know what to do, it was Rachel. Rachel was my life. I would watch it on Channel 33 at 10:30 every night on Thursday. I cried when the whole season was over.”

Furthermore, about how the FRIENDS’ actress came to her aid, Selena shared, “It was kind of like a friendly meeting and she instantly just like invited me to her house. She’s truly sweet and she kind of gives me maternal advice.”

Meanwhile, the singer had previously shared all about her tough times in several interviews saying. “In the hardest situations, I found myself protection people, even if that means they were hurting me. I do feel I was the victim to certain abuse. I wasn’t going to pretend to put a smile on when it actually was awful. ‘A few’ of the worst moments of my life. We have an innocent view of how it all should look like or be. Slowly throughout the years, things have happened. Everyone asks, ‘why do you still stay?’ I’m like ‘I guess I don’t love myself first.”

“I won’t tolerate ever being treated the way that I have been. I don’t have it all but I do know that I’m worth something,” she concluded.

Well, we’re glad the beauty battled all the barriers and is back stronger than ever. More power to you, Selena.

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