Indian Television shows - Q&A session

Q: Who plays eknath in TV serial Mere Sai Shraddha and Saburi?

Ans:  As there is not any character named eknath in Mere Sai Shraddha aur saburi, But Nishkarsh Kulshrestha plays as the role of Raghunath.

Q: How to record TV shows on reconnect TV?

Ans: Record on a Reconnect TV using the TV’s built-in PVR (Personal Video Recorder) storage or connecting an external device, such as USB storage, setup box, and even some media streaming boxes can record live TV.

While there are Reconnect TVs with built-in recording functions on the market, that you can use to record TV, they are prone to issues. Do note that PVR and DVR are the same. Generally, PVR is used for permanent storage, while DVR is temporary.

Based on consumer reviews, TVs with built-in PVR have extensive issues such as very limited storage space, clunky UI, low-quality recordings, and others. Most technicians recommend buying a separate device for recording on a smart TV. Not to mention TVs with PVR are also quite expensive and the selection of TVs with built-in PVR is quite small too.

Another potential issue with built-in PVR is if the hard drive has issues, getting it serviced is not only a challenge but also costly. Connecting an external USB storage device is much easier to manage.

Q: Shaktimaan man serial how much days to go for?

Ans: Shaktimaan Series will start in 2021 as Mukesh Khanna ( Playing the role of Shaktimaan) stated that "It's time to tell the world that Shaktimaan is being reincarnated. Yes, friends of Shaktimaan, I am now officially stating that I am bringing Shaktimaan 2 soon," wrote Mukesh Khanna.

Actor Mukesh Khanna, best known for playing the titular superhero in the TV show Shaktimaan, announced that he will be making a three-film series based on the superhero. In an Instagram post on Friday, the 62-year-old actor made the announcement in Hindi and wrote: "Ab baat duniya ko batane layak ho gai hai ki Shaktimaan dobara abtarit ho raha hai. Ji haan Shaktimaan ke doston , ab officially ye bata raha hoon ki main Shaktimaan 2 le kar aa raha hoon (It's time to tell the world that Shaktimaan is being reincarnated. Yes, friends of Shaktimaan, I am now officially stating that I am bringing Shaktimaan 2 soon. That too not on TV channel or OTT but as a trilogy, in the form of three films on the big screen)."

In the second part of his post, Mukesh Khanna added that: "Details dheere dheere hum disclose karenge. Filhaal itna bata sakta hoon ek bahut bade production house ke saath maine haath milaya hai is himalayan task ko anjaam dene ke liye (Details will be disclosed gradually. For now, I can say that I have collaborated with a big production house to bring his Herculean task to life)."

Mukesh Khanna wrapped his post with a promise that the new Shaktimaan films will be bigger than Hrithik Roshan's superhero franchise Krrish, and also Shah Rukh Khan's Ra.One - Mr Khanna appears to have misspelled Ra.One as 'Raavan', which too is a movie but a crime thriller and not a superhero sci-fi one. Mukesh Khanna also shared the link of a Bollywood Hungama report, which states that work on the first film of the Shaktimaan series will begin in 2021.

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