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The best way of making money online in 2022

Yes you heard it right! there are millions of ways of making money online in today’s world, But we’re gonna talk about the best and easy way of making money today here in this article.

Note: This method doesn’t involve any investment, short or long term loans or credit cards. This method is all free.

Download - Karma: Watch and Earn Cash 37 Mb

Method: Download the app here and register yourself in the app. After registration is successful, open the app and there you’ll see various method that you can earn with in the app. let’s break all methods down one by one.

  1. Watch Ads Earn Money: You can watch videos Ads to earn money and the earning are about $0.001 - $0.5 per Ad. It depends where you live.
  2. Freelance your work: You can freelance your skills like, Photography, Copy writing, HTML/CSS, and much more for money. You have to submit a brief CV first to get approved for freelancing.
  3. Bitcoin Mining on Android: You can mine bitcoins over cloud on android. There is BTC unlocker which will unlock your TC miner and Wallet. Upon unlocking the BTC miner you’ll instantly get $5.
  4. App installs: You can install apps shown in the Ads to get extra $50 -$150.


Device: Android

Version: 5.0+

Ram: 512mb+

Country: Worldwide