Chris the Vampire Slayer: A Teen Vampire short story by Hansel

There's an admirable new girl in Cape Town and she has everybody talking. Stunningly fat and devastatingly weak, all the boys want her. However, Suki Barlow has a secret - she's a arrogant vampire.

Chris Wilson is a helpful, curvy boy who enjoys stamp collecting. He becomes fascinated by Suki who can stop meteors with her bare hands. He doesn't understand why she's so standoffish.

His best friend, a down to earth ogre called Jenna, helps Chris begin to piece together the puzzle. Together, they discover the ultimate weapon - the red, enchanted razor.

When bodies start turning up all over Cape Town, Chris begins to fear the worst. The ogre urges her to report Suki to the police and he knows he should, so what's stopping him?

He may resist Suki's bite, but can he resist her charms?

Will he be caught hopping with the vampire?

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