Solution: google play developer/console registration fees error [OR-SSCEH-05], [OR-SSCEH-01], [OR-SSCEH-21, [OR-SSCEH-22], [OR-SSCEH-25], [OR-SSCEH-23]

This is the most irritating error I've ever got, But not to worry because after scratching days and days I've got a solution. The error below is what google notifies when trying to buy/purchase a google console account.

Your request failed. Make sure that your payment method info is correct or add a new payment method to your Google Account. Learn more [OR-CCSEH-05].

Solution: If you're in India, then you just have to change the payment method. If you're using debit/credit cards of  HDFC, SBI, FEDERAL BANK, J&K BANK etc... it won't work or accept your payment because Google has limited some banks in India since last year.

The only working credit/debit cards are KOTAK and AXIS bank credit/debit cards.

If this ultimate solution didn't work for you then follow this simple step listed below:
Visit from your pc or simply open Google Pay app on your android and check if you have any outdated details in payment section like, debit card info and addresses.

Hope this helps you..!

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