AdSense Arbitrage Method with Facebook Ad Network 2022

This tutorial will show you how to make money with AdSense Arbitrage in 2022 with Facebook Ad Network.

How to do adsense arbitrage with facebook ads

What is AdSense Arbitrage?

Ad arbitrage is a digital marketing process, where you buy traffic from one place at a very cheap rate, and resell the traffic for a price higher than the amount you bought the traffic.

Let’s say you have a news website, which you created to make money using the Google AdSense program. The only way you can make money from Google AdSense is when people visit your website and click on Google adverts.

Sometimes getting people to visit your website can be challenging, especially if you do not know how to optimize your content to generate organic traffic or visitors. To help you generate traffic to your website, you can run advertisements on other advertisement platforms, and then send a link to your website.

Depending on your advertisement budget, you can generate a reasonable amount of traffic, and when this traffic or visitors to your website click on Google advert, you will make money.

Problems associated with AdSense Arbitrage:

There are two problems with this type of digital marketing.

Problem number one: You might spend more to generate the traffic than you might gain from Google AdSense.

Problem number two: Your Google AdSense account might be disabled or an ad limit placed on it.

Once you tackle these two problems, rest assured you can make money seamlessly with ad arbitrage.

To tackle the first problem, you have to go for an ad arbitrage where you can spend little to gain plenty of traffic. This is where Facebook comes into play.

Facebook advertisement is very cheap. You can get as many as 3000 to 4000 website link clicks with just $1 using a Facebook advert. With Facebook, you will not spend so much to run a traffic advertisement to get link clicks to your website.

To tackle the second challenge is where the greater problem lies. How can you send Facebook traffic to your website without Google penalizing you for that? The truth is that a lot of people have experienced AdSense disablement because of Facebook advertisements. However, these people fell victim because they do not play their games well.

Google frowns at traffic from Facebook, because most people visiting a website through Facebook ads do not produce reasonable conversions with their clicks to advertisers, and this negatively affects advertisers.

Below are the steps you can take to enable you to make money with AdSense arbitrage using Facebook advertisements without being penalized by Google.

How to Make Money with AdSense Arbitrage:

  • Make sure your website domain is at least 6 months
  • Make sure your Google AdSense account has been functional for up to 6 months
  • Make you are getting organic traffic, at least 100 page views from google search per day.
  • Do not be greedy to pack all the money in one day. Making $30 to 50 dollars a day is a good start. You can make $50 with just $5 to $10.
  • Always monitor your CTR, once it is high, say, 30% and above, stop the Facebook ad.

CTR means click-through rate, it shows how visitors interact with Google advertisements on your website. If the CTR is low, it means most people that visit your website and see Google advertisements do not click on them. But if the CTR is high, it means that most people that visit your website and see Google advertisements click on them. This can have both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage of High CTR in Google AdSense Arbitrage:

If you have a high CTR on Google adverts on your website, it means that people are really interested in the ads that are shown on your website, it tells Google that people are interested in the kind of Google ads they see on your website. This will also help to rank your page on the Google search result page.

The disadvantage of High CTR in Google AdSense Arbitrage:

When you have a high CTR on Google AdSense, it can give a signal to Google that people visiting your website visitors click Google adverts without interacting meaningfully with your content. This can cause Google to flag your website as violating their policy, this might in turn cause Google to disable your AdSense account, ban it or close it.

How to Maintain a Healthy CTR on Google AdSense:

  • Make sure to create engaging content on your website.
  • Position your ad unit codes where visitors will not always mistakenly click them.
  • Avoid bot traffic.

If you follow these steps I listed above, chances are slim that Google will penalize you.

Give it a try and give us feedback down below in the comment section.

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