Donald Trump breaks his silence on Hijab Controversy

Hijab Controversy gets global attention. Meanwhile people from United States also commented on Hijab Controversy stating that Ban on Hijab violates religious freedom. Government or Political persons should not interfere into any religion.

US breaks silence on Hijab Controversy

Can you wear a Hijab in United States?

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, however the current sociopolitical and legal climate has allowed for various restrictions on hijab, the headscarf worn by Muslim women.

Government of US on Hijab Controversy:

United States has issued it's first response on the protests in Karnataka (India) over Hijab ban in colleges. Commenting on the controversy around hijab in Karnataka’s educational institutions, the United States has said that hijab bans in schools “violate religious freedom”, and Karnataka should not “determine the permissibility of religious clothing”. In a tweet, Rashad Hussain, the US ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom, said, “Religious freedom includes the ability to choose one’s religious attire. The Indian state of Karnataka should not determine the permissibility of religious clothing.” He added, “Hijab bans in schools violate religious freedom and stigmatize and marginalize women and girls (sic).”

Hussain's predecessor in June 2020 expressed concerns over violence and discrimination against religious ethnic minorities in India. Rashad Hussain was appointed ambassador-at-large for IRF by the US Senate in December last year.

Hussain is the first Ambassador-at-Large for IRF; He previously held several high level positions in US Government.

Ex-President Donald Trump on Hijab Controversy:

Trump on Hijab: "You don't have to wear makeup, It's easier for women to get ready to go out. Women has been wearing Hijab for thousands of years, they want to wear it! What the Hell are we getting involved for?" Those were exact words spoken by Ex-President of US Donald Trump.

Comment down what you think of Hijab, Should it be banned or not?

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