Man sold his test*cle to buy his dream car

Mark Parisi is a man. Like many men, Mark Parisi has two nuts. Like fewer men, Mark Parisi has decided he does not need two nuts, and would prefer instead to have one nut and his dream car.

A man sold his testicles to buy his dream car.
A man sold his test*cle to buy his dream car.

Which is why Mark Parisi is to donate one of his nuts – we don’t know which – to medical research in exchange for 35,000 US dollars. Which is around £22,000. With his larger wallet – which shall doubtless fit snugly alongside his newly downsized gen*talia.

Mark Parisi made this revelation on American station CBS’s show The Doctors. We have no idea whether car-for-organ bartering is standard fare for The Doctors. (“Next week, find out if Tyler’s auction of his gall-bladder makes him enough to buy that second-hand Austin Princess he always dreamed of!”)

Still, Mark Parisi’s revelation raises a number of ethical and moral dilemmas. What is the value of a nut? Is the sale of non-vital organs just the start of an inexorable, terrifying slide into a Never Let Me Go-style dystopia?

But it is not our position to comment on these matters. We wish him a happy life with his dream car and without a nut. He found a way out of his misery! did you?

Comment down what you think about Mark Parisi, or if you've any better idea that would've saved his nuts without even losing his dream car. And What are you gonna do about your dream car?

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  1. Consider that millions have images tattooed and holes punctured almost everywhere possible, I read of a women that had 6" cut out of her legs so she wouldn't be too tall to find a mate, Both women and men have their breast's and butts enlarged or shrunk, About ANYTHING that can be modified has been done to our bodies, This is the Ultimately private choice one can make!

    1. Well I've seen worse! Some guys in India sold their Kidneys for an iphone, The irony is that even their kidneys couldn't afford an iphone, after paying for an iphone they still had to pay $350 more.