How to delete a google account permanently

Did you finally decided to delete your google account? No worries we've got your back! Down below is the step by step procedure of how you can delete your google account permanently.

Deleting google account permanently

It takes around 2 months to delete your account along with all data in it. So be patient until your account and data is deleted from the database.

Follow the step-by-step guide on how to delete your Google

  1. Open chrome browser, and go to
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Select the Data & Privacy section.
  4. Scroll to More Options.
  5. Select “Delete your Google Account.”
  6. Enter your password, then click “Next.”
  7. Click on delete again.
  8. Be patient as it takes around 2 months to complete the deletion process of google account.

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