According to Amber Heard, her ex-husband Johnny Depp is still the love of her life

Amber Heard claims that she is still in love with Johnny Depp and wants to mend their severely damaged marriage.

Amber Heard says she is still in love with Johnny Depp and wants her deeply broken relationship to work with her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard has acknowledged that she is not a sympathetic or ideal victim and that she still loves her former husband Johnny Depp. She has also stated that she has "no nasty thoughts or ill will towards him."

In the second half of the interview, the actress made the remarks. When asked if she still loves the actor, Heard said, "Absolutely. I cherish him. I genuinely loved him and did my utmost to repair our severely damaged relationship. I was unable to.

"I have absolutely no ill will or negative thoughts against him. I am aware that may be challenging to comprehend. If you have ever loved someone, it could also be very simple to comprehend. It ought to be simple."

"I gave evidence for it. I understand that I am not a good victim. I'm not a sympathetic victim. I'm not the ideal victim. But here, in his own words, which are a pledge to do this, it appears as though he has done what I asked of the jury during my testimony—seeing me as human."

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