Giant Dragon lying on earth found on Google Earth Maps

The giant dragon with one eye open and the other one closed lying on the earth. Only its head is visible on the google earth map. The coordination of the dragon's location is 57°20'06"W 36°16'11" W.

Day 17th of June 2022: Found dragon's head lying on the earth's surface. Its one opened eye seems to be "South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands". The other shut-eye is near Coronation Island which probably looks like a cave underwater.


Scotia Plate

The Scotia Plate (Spanish: Placa Scotia) is a tectonic plate on the edge of the South Atlantic and Southern oceans. Thought to have formed during the early Eocene with the opening of the Drake Passage that separates South America from Antarctica, it is a minor plate whose movement is largely controlled by the two major plates that surround it: the South American Plate and the Antarctic Plate.

The Scotia Plate takes its name from the steam yacht Scotia of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition (1902–04), the expedition that made the first bathymetric study of the region.

South Sandwich Plate

The South Sandwich Plate or Sandwich Plate is a minor tectonic plate bounded by the subducting South American Plate to the east, the Antarctic Plate to the south, and the Scotia Plate to the west.

The plate is separated from the Scotia Plate by the East Scotia Rise, a back-arc spreading ridge formed by the subduction zone on its eastern margin. The South Sandwich Islands are located on this small plate.

The images are shown above and below are screenshotted from a laptop at 1:00 AM IST. It doesn't look like a bug in the google map as we've already verified. The dragon seems to be a female as it looks like she is holding the earth like an egg.

The Image on the Google Earth Maps clearly shows that something is there! It doesn't look like any made-up thing. Shouldn't we take it into consideration already? 

The dragon seems to have captured the whole earth like it is an egg that the dragon is protecting. See the images below and you'll realize that the earth actually seems to be an egg that the dragon is protecting like a mother.

It's not hard to say that there are some bigger powers up there that we can't deny.

Is the earth in any kind of danger? If this is a real dragon what is she protecting us from? It looks like she is at rest for ages.

Some philosophers say that the world is so tiny that it seems a child is playing with it or has it in a jar on the shelf. The human species can't be the final species out there, There must be some bigger things that we are yet to know!

She seems to be alive and breathing, as she just has got her head above the water. Looking at her face, she seems to be breathing out there as her mouth and nose seem to be pressurized.

If you're unable to search that coordinate on google earth, just search for "South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands" and zoom out the screen. If you still can't see her then she might have dipped herself back into the water.

Note: We'll keep updating it on the daily basis in case of any changes.

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