Met on a dating app: An Indonesian woman finds that her husband is a woman after 10 months of marriage

After ten months of marriage to her spouse, an Indonesian woman was taken aback. The woman discovered that her husband was not a man at all.

Indonesian woman finds out 10 months after marriage that her husband is a woman

The woman stated that she met her spouse on a dating app and learned that he was a surgeon who also ran a business. The pair married in a private ceremony after romance, and the bride moved away from her family.

Things deteriorated once the couple relocated to South Sumatra, and the groom began pestering the bride's family for money on a regular basis. The bride alleged in a story by "The Mirror" that her "husband" defrauded her family of Rp 285000000. (USD 20000). She also noted that the individual was unable to present any documentation necessary for a legitimate marriage. As a result, they had to marry in secret. When the bride learned the truth, she was confined to the house.

The couple was apprehended after her family approached the police. On Tuesday, June 14, the bride filed a complaint with the Jambi District Court in Indonesia.

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