Hire yourself as an entertainment vocalist for parties and events

Artists that perform their original music can make a lot of money selling tickets to their gigs, as long as they have the appeal.

Getting to this point in your career is not easy. It takes years of hard work and a lot more than just setting up performance and playing.

Most original performances will earn a few hundred dollars at a time.

However, if you're touring and moving around regularly, you may make a decent living doing events across the country, even if they don't pay well.

How to get hired as an entertainment singer at parties and events?

Different sorts of entertainment are appropriate for certain events. A surprise burlesque act, for example, might not go over well at a street food festival, but it could be a highlight at a major product introduction.

Jobs for entertainers

Work for Entertainers

Event entertainment might be the main attraction or a minor component. Regardless of the capacity, practically every event has some form of entertainment planned for the audience.

Keep in mind that the majority of the occupations listed below are not designed to be the main entertainment for an event, but rather to be supplemental to the event itself. Furthermore, the wage and employment criteria given in this section are simply guidelines and are only generalizations. If these positions are ideal for you, you should also consider cruise ship performer jobs.

Check out some of the event entertainment jobs listed below to learn more about event entertainment.

1. Jobs for Singers and Bands

Some performers book entire concert halls and auditoriums, while others serve as an opener or give entertainment during an intermission. The National Anthem is one of the most popular assignments for event singers. This custom is synonymous with athletic events and is played at the start of practically every sporting event.

Some event singing gigs are designed to provide entertainment during a break or to play pleasant music in the background of an event. Singers that want to sing the National Anthem can approach a venue and seek to be considered, but most will need to audition. Bands will also be required to present demos and may be asked to audition to suit the proper music for the event.


A decent voice, stage presence, and prior singing or performing experience are required.

National Anthem performers typically volunteer for the honor. Band pay varies greatly based on the location and the band's popularity.

2. Master of Ceremonies Jobs

The Master of Ceremonies, sometimes known as the MC, addresses the audience, introduces the next event or person on stage, and keeps the event moving. Professional speakers, celebrities, or anyone with good public speaking skills are occasionally employed as masters of ceremonies. To work as an MC, you must typically have event experience, be approached for the position, or want the position and be invited to audition.


MCs typically have event experience, are at ease speaking in front of large groups, can improvise well, and are confident public speakers.


Pay is typically a one-time price agreed upon before the event and varies greatly.

3. Announcer Jobs

Because announcers are most typically used for sporting events, announcing occupations are similar to them. Announcers give listeners with an overview of the game, as well as statistics and audio for the visual event.


Sports announcers are frequently former players or coaches on the field. They must have a thorough understanding of the game or event, excellent broadcasting skills, industry experience, and be well-spoken.


The pay scale changes according to the magnitude of the event. Some announcers are compensated for a single event, while others are paid to announce for the entire year.

4. Dancer Jobs

Dancers provide entertainment at many events. Concerts and basketball games are just a couple of examples of events that include some form of dancing. Most dancers travel as part of an event, team, band, or singer.


All dancers must pass an audition, have prior dance experience, be physically fit, and be willing to travel as needed.

Although many dance professions are full-time, most are part-time because games only take place a few hours per week.


Dancers' pay varies as well but can vary from $4,000 (or less) to $60,000.

5. Comedian Jobs

Comedians are sometimes utilized during intermissions, to open for an event, or to be a Master of Ceremonies and emcee an event. Comedians are popular among crowds and at festivals and parties.


Most comedians will be approached or invited to audition; they must be comfortable performing in front of a public, have industry experience, and be prepared to do their routine.


Pay varies according to the event's professionalism. A single appearance can cost anywhere from $50 to $2000.

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