How Henry VIII built the church of England

Henry VIII was rather obese, which was a prestige symbol at the time. Being overweight implied that you had enough money to purchase that much food.

Everyone knows Henry VIII had a lot of wives and had Anne Boleyn executed, but the circumstances around all of this are rather amusing.

Henry VIII succeeded to the throne at the age of 17 and married Catherine of Aragon, a Spaniard, soon after, even though she had previously been married to his brother, Arthur before he died. Mary was her daughter from her marriage to Henry.

However, Henry was yearning for a boy to be his heir to the throne. Women could still become kings at the time, despite misogyny. Doubts regarding his marriage to Catherine were also developing because he married his brother's widow. He believed the marriage was cursed because she was unable to bear a son. He was also involved with the renowned Anne Boleyn. He's a really kind guy.

Creating the Church of England: Henry VIII

He petitions the Catholic Church in Rome for a papal order allowing him to divorce Catherine and remarry. The Church evidently responded, "No" and Henry replied; OK, great! "I'm building my own church."

That's exactly what he did. He left the Catholic Church and founded the quote-unquote Church of England. The protestant part was undoubtedly intended to slap the papacy in the face, as the Reformation was underway and the Church was fast losing supporters to new kinds of Christianity. However, when it comes to actual practices and beliefs, it is identical to Catholicism, with the exception that divorce is lawful. The Church of England was literally merely a mechanism for Henry to divorce Catherine, rather than a separation of ideas.

Henry later marries Anne Boleyn and executes her since she is unable to bear a son. The legend goes that Henry's six wives were divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, and survived. If you're interested, you may look up some of the others; they're all really funny. While you're at it, look up Henry VIII's skeleton. Sure, these actions expose an unappealing leader and indicate views toward women, but this happened so long ago that it's fair to chuckle along with the long, long history of violence against women.

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