I hope you find peace in his absence

Even though things don't make sense right now, I hope you manage to achieve some level of inner peace. when solutions are elusive no matter how many times the question is altered, and when resolution must come from inside. If they are the right people, there is no wrong; there is only working through things you can improve on together and not giving up. I hope you find peace within yourself, knowing that you are enough and that there was nothing you could have altered or done differently.

I hope it brings you comfort to realize that sometimes the right people come at the wrong moment, but it isn't your responsibility to wait, and other times the wrong people come when you're ready for love, and the fact is that anyone walked through the door after them would have won your heart. And that's alright because it requires a lot of effort to be the kind of person that is open to love. However, this is not the time to isolate yourself from it. Even though you are the one breaking through those walls, now is not the time to erect them. It's not the right moment to think of yourself as unlovable because it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the person's mental and emotional state when you give someone your whole heart and unconditional love but they are unable to return the favor.

Amid this confusion and heartache, I hope you may find yourself again. I wish you would rediscover the aspects of life you enjoy, not only the period when you were in love. I hope you come to like going for a walk by yourself and understand that it doesn't have to be lonely. You deserve to have a good time, therefore I hope you learn to go out again with a genuine smile on your face. I'm hoping you notice what it was that made you who you are before he did. Because a single relationship has never defined you, I hope you take some time to reflect on who that was and rediscover who you are. I sincerely hope you rediscover your self-love and stop dwelling on your imperfections and the aspects of yourself that he didn't like. Above all else in this, I pray you to fall in love again with the person you see in the mirror because they are the ones who need it most right now.

I hope his absence brings you some serenity. Even though it doesn't make sense right now, try to understand. Find forgiveness even if someone doesn't apologize. Enjoy life's positive aspects because you deserve to. find you once more.

I hope you reach a point where you're strong and self-assured and at that moment you understand why it had to happen that way when you cross paths again because it will happen at some point or another. I hope you leave smiling—not because he lost anything significant—but because you did. None of those things, in whatever form they may take, would have been possible if he had not left when you needed him most and wanted him to stay.

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