If you have ever liked someone who was already taken, read this!

There is a point in life when we fervently desire something we cannot have. It ranks among the most challenging experiences a person may have. Our hearts are devoted to the one thing we desire most. In truth, the thing we desire most could not be what is best or intended for us.

It's really difficult to like someone who is already in a relationship. Though that person's heart is already stolen, you nearly feel like you are strapped yet are unable to reach out. Even when you want someone, you can't have them. You didn't inherit this person, to begin with.

You simply happened to like this person, and the scenario developed naturally. First, you were eager to learn more about them when you first met them. As time went on, you soon learned that someone else had already captured their heart. Someone else already took that spot before you could even get there.

How does one approach this kind of circumstance? You didn't want things to turn out this way. When you like someone who is already taken, you experience feelings that are impossible to put into words. It hurts like hell that you aren't the person they are with, even though you and this person are pals. Spending more time with someone who is already taken makes you want them even more. You start immediately thinking about all the ways you and your crush might get along. You want this person so desperately for yourself that your heart hurts for them.

We have a clear picture in our heads of getting the person we want so badly in the end. Those are merely dreams; the situation is not as it actually is. What is intended to be will always be, that much is true. We shall always possess what is intended for us.

We may clearly visualize and visualize ourselves, eventually obtaining the person we so desperately want. Those are just dreams; the situation isn't really that way. That much is true: what is designed to be will always be. We will always have access to what is meant for us.

You can continue to be friends with the person you like. That person means great things to you, so you want them in your life. You attempt to persuade yourself that eventually, this person will end their relationship with you. You want this person all to yourself even though you don't want the person they are with to suffer. You feel guilty for even having this thought. You are not at all this.

Once more, our fantasies are tricking our minds into believing something different. You maintain faith that the situation will change in the future. You envision yourself having the opportunity to spend some time with the person you like.

What if it isn't meant to be, though? Our hearts should always be protected because they are muscles. We must guard our hearts and consider carefully the things that are designed just for us. Humans have a single desire in their hearts. Contrary to what our minds are telling us, There are instances when what our hearts desire is not what is best for us.

This does not imply that a better solution will appear. It is harmful to our hearts and intellect to like someone who is already taken. There are some things we simply have to let go of and accept. The most difficult aspect of it all is accepting reality.

You are worthy of much greater. An open heart is what you deserve. You should have someone who can provide you with what you really need. You cannot receive what you need from a broken heart. A heart is taken for a cause, after all. We can achieve mental calmness by accepting the circumstance as it is. Most critically, it will aid our onward progress.

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