Urfi Javed goes topless once more, this time applying red glitter paint to her body

Urfi Javed is a social media sensation who never misses an opportunity to show off her bare body.

Urfi Javed has once again stunned netizens with her daring topless look. The Bigg Boss OTT star went naked for a recent fashion session in which she coated her body with red glitter paint. She can be seen posing seductively while she removes her garments. In her latest fashion attempt, she painted her breasts crimson and tied a long red velvet robe around her waist. Urfi Javed submitted a gorgeous and sensual video on her Instagram account with the caption, "Teri nazar ka qusoor hai!" Urfi uploaded the song 'Yeh Ho Halka Halka Suroor Hain' to the Instagram reel.

Urfi is too hot to handle, and her supporters continue to mock her for her wardrobe choices. That won't stop the actress from being her sexiest self, as she's acknowledged that trolls don't affect her. Urfi Javed showed a similar topless look in a dard-e-disco outfit a few days earlier. She used mirror pasties to conceal her assets.

Urfi Javed has regularly put her style on display, whether it's making an outfit out of sim cards or donning a garment made out of blades, without flinching at the negative comments. What are your thoughts?

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