Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico of 2020 Are Getting Married

Marriage announcement of Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico 

Mariana Varela and Fabiola Valentin, who were Miss Argentina 2020 and Miss Puerto Rico 2020, respectively, kept their courting a secret for a while before ultimately exchanging rings and making their engagement public on social media. The couple announced their engagement on Instagram on October 28.

We chose to keep our relationship hidden, but on a particular day October 22 we let them in

"We chose to keep our relationship hidden, but on a particular day October 22, we let them in," the description for the Instagram video that accompanied it stated. Emoticons for the heart, ring and star can be seen next to the caption. Photographs and films of two beauty queens from their relationship, including their travels together, are featured in the video. Additionally, it shows a preview of their marriage proposal and how ecstatic they were to put on their engagement rings.

The couple is seen in the video celebrating their union in front of the Puerto Rico Marriage Bureau as they are both dressed in white. According to reports, the two became acquainted at Miss Grand International 2020 and waited a few days to start dating"

"I'm happy for both of you. Miss Grand International stated in an Instagram post, "MGIO always supports 'LOVE' without boundaries. Additionally, a heart emoticon was added.

Look at their post down below:

Both Instagram posts have received numerous views and comments since they were published three days ago from a variety of verified handles.

Mariana Varela, Miss Argentina 2020, thanked everyone for their kind wishes and support. "Thanks for all the love," she added. We are incredibly content and fortunate. I hope you receive many times as much love as you now do! Numerous thanks

"Oh my god, congrats!" A lovely relationship was created by MGI, according to vocalist Abena Akuaba. "Congratulations, lovely. Godspeed to you two and long live love! Valentina, the Miss, wrote

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