The Best 15 Anime Series on Netflix in 2023

The 15 best anime on Netflix right now

The anime library on Netflix has grown tremendously during the past 12 months. There are not just classic series, but also a sizable number of original works that are competing well with works that have already achieved canonical status. There are numerous action, comedy, and romantic programs available thanks to the streaming service's care in introducing a variety of genres. We are here to help you if you are prepared to search even the strangest areas of Netflix for binge-worthy stuff.

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Here is the list of best anime on Netflix

 15.  Exception

With character designs by Yoshitaka Amano, music by Ryuichi Sakamoto, and a script by Hirotaka Adachi, the science fiction horror web anime series Exception is produced by Yz Sat.

After being forced to leave Earth, humans are looking around a new galaxy for potential new worlds to terraform. A 3D biological printer called "Womb" builds an exploration crew one person at a time to staff spaceships in order to explore a potential planet. One crew member, Lewis, is mistakenly printed as a monstrous creature that could potentially represent a threat to the rest of the crew due to a fatal exception. The circumstance, which raises philosophical queries about humanity, the self, and life, leads a fresh, commercial printing of Lewis to join the team and assist the crew.

 14.  Tekken: Bloodline

An action-adventure fantasy anime television series called Tekken: Bloodline is based on the Tekken fighting game series from Bandai Namco Entertainment.
The young fighter Jin Kazama is followed in his mission to destroy Ogre, the monster that killed his mother Jun, in the anime, which roughly replicates the events of the 1997 video game Tekken 3.
Jin's journey leads to his violent grandfather Heihachi Mishima, who is running a fighting competition dubbed the King of Iron Fist, training him to find Ogre. Six episodes of the programme were released starting on August 18, 2022, on Netflix.
Since Tekken 3 did not stress Jin's past, game director Katsuhiro Harada intended to promote the series as Jin's coming-of-age tale. Yoshikazu Miyao, who was in charge of directing it, intended to accurately depict Jin's terrible tale.

 13.  Kotaro Lives Alone

Mami Tsumura is the creator of the Japanese manga series Kotaro Lives Alone. Since March 2015, it has been serialised in the seinen manga publication Big Comic Superior published by Shogakukan. TV Asahi aired a ten-episode television drama in 2021. The first episode of Liden Films' ten-episode Netflix Original Net Animation (ONA) anime series debuted in March 2022.

A 4-year-old boy living alone, Kotaro Sat, moves into apartment 203 next to manga artist 

 12.  Little Witch Academia

The Japanese anime series Little Witch Academia was conceived by Yoh Yoshinari and is made by Trigger. As a component of Anime Mirai 2013, a project of the Young Animator Training Project, the original short film, directed by Yoshinari and written by Masahiko Otsuka, was first shown in theatres in March 2013. From April 2013, it was then streamed on YouTube with English subtitles. Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade, a second short film partially financed through Kickstarter, was released in October 2015. The first 13 episodes of an anime television series that aired in Japan from January to June 2017 are now accessible on Netflix globally. The remaining 12 episodes of its first season were released on the platform as the program's second season.

 11.  Spriggan

The Japanese manga series Spriggan was created by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryji Minagawa. From 1989 through 1996, it was serialised in Shogakukan's shnen manga publications Weekly Shnen Sunday and Shnen Sunday Zkan. The chapters were first compiled in eleven tankbon volumes. Only three volumes of the manga, which was serialised in Manga Vizion and originally made available in North America under the name Striker in the late '90s, were published. Seven Seas Entertainment has obtained a licence for the manga in 2022 under its original title.

 10.  Eden

Eden is an original CGCG Studio Inc. and Qubic Pictures CGI anime streaming television series. It was published on Netflix on May 27, 2021, with a script by Kimiko Ueno and a direction by Yasuhiro Irie.
A shining monolithic city known as "Eden 3" is populated only by artificially intelligent robots whose former owners departed long ago, albeit they continue to raise agricultural produce a thousand years after humans fled from Earth. Two maintenance robots unintentionally awaken a human infant girl named Sara Grace from stasis while doing a routine task on the nearby field, calling into doubt their view that humans were an outlawed old myth. Together, the two robots nurture Sara in secrecy outside Eden 3 in a secure refuge.

 09.  Komi Can’t Communicate

Tomohito Oda is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series Komi Can't Communicate. Since May 2016, it has been serialised in Shogakukan's weekly shonen manga publication Weekly Shonen Sunday, and as of October 2022, its episodes have been compiled in twenty-seven tankbon volumes. Viz Media holds the North American rights to the series.
From September to November 2021, an eight-episode live-action television drama adaptation aired, while from October to December of the same year, OLM's anime television series adaptation aired. From April through June 2022, a second season was broadcast. Netflix has a worldwide streaming licence for the anime series.

 08.  Death Note

The Japanese manga series Death Note was created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The narrative centres on Light Yagami, a young genius who comes across the enigmatic "Death Note," a book that once belonged to the shinigami Ryuk and gave its owner the extraordinary power to assassinate anybody whose name was inscribed in its pages. The series is focused on Light's attempts to use the Death Note to carry out a global purge of people he views as immoral and to establish a society free from crime, using the alias of a godlike vigilante named "Kira," and the subsequent efforts of an elite Japanese police task force, led by enigmatic detective L, to capture him.

 07.  High Score Girl

Rensuke Oshikiri created the Japanese manga series Hi Score Girl, which ran from October 2010 to September 2018. The protagonist, gamer Haruo Yaguchi, the co-op gaming environment (particularly fighting games), the changes that occur in both over time, and his friendship with silent gamer Akira Ono are the central themes of the narrative. The series, which is referred to as a 1990s arcade romantic comedy, is renowned for its distinctive art direction and accurate representations of the wide range of gaming equipment, software, and even culture that are portrayed. From July through September 2018, J.C. Staff and SMDE's anime television adaption debuted. From October to December 2019, a second season was broadcast.

 06.  One Piece

The Japanese anime television programme One Piece, created by Toei Animation, made its television debut on Fuji TV in October 1999. It is based on the same-named manga series by Eiichiro Oda. The plot centres on the exploits of Monkey D. Luffy, a young man whose unintended consumption of a Devil Fruit left him with a body made of rubber. In order to become the next Pirate King, Luffy explores the Grand Line with his pirate crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, in search of the world's greatest treasure, known as "One Piece."

 05.  The Orbital Children

Japanese science fiction animation series The Orbital Children was created and is overseen by Mitsuo Iso. Kenichi Yoshida created the anime's character designs, and Toshiyuki Inoue is the show's primary animator. Part 1 of The Orbital Children debuted on January 28, 2022, while Part 2 debuted on February 11, 2022 in Japan. In November 2021, Netflix declared that it has bought the rights for worldwide distribution. The Orbital Children, a six-episode Netflix miniseries, was launched on January 28, 2022, to coincide with the Japanese premiere of Part 1.

 04.  Record of Ragnarok

Japanese manga author Shinya Umemura and illustrator Takumi Fukui created the Record of Ragnarok series. It started in the seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Zenon from Coamix, which was once also distributed by Tokuma Shoten, in November 2017. Throughout June 2021, Viz Media granted a licence to use it in North America. The original net animation (ONA) version of the manga was created by Graphinica and debuted on Netflix in June 2021. In January 2023, Graphinica and Yumeta Company will debut their second season.

 03.  Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Koyoharu Gotouge is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. It centres on teenage Tanjiro Kamado, who aspires to become a demon hunter following the massacre of his family and the transformation of his younger sister Nezuko into a monster. From February 2016 to May 2020, it was serialised in Shueisha's shunen manga magazine Weekly Shnen Jump, and its chapters were collected in 23 tankbon volumes. Viz Media and Shueisha both released it concurrently on their Manga Plus platforms in English.

 02.  7 Seeds

The Japanese manga series 7 Seeds was created by Yumi Tamura. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic future, long enough after a meteorite strikes Earth for new species to have emerged, and it centres on five groups of young adults who have been revived from cryonic stasis and are now fighting for their lives. The name refers to five groups of people who are kept in cryogenic chambers with supplies, or "seeds," that have been provided by the Japanese government.
The manga began as a serial in Shogakukan's Bessatsu Shjo Comic magazine, debuting in the November 2001 edition. In April 2002, it moved to Flowers magazine, where it continued until May 2017, when it was finished. The individual chapters were compiled by Shogakukan into 35 bound volumes.

 01.  Aggretsuko

Aggretsuko is a Japanese animated comedy streaming television series based on the same-named character created by "Yeti" for the mascot business Sanrio. It is also known by its original Japanese name, Aggressive Retsuko. The character debuted on TBS Television between April 2016 and March 2018 in a run of animated shorts produced by Fanworks.
An adaptation of an original net animation (ONA) anime series debuted on Netflix in April 2018, and subsequent seasons debuted in June 2019, August 2020, and December 2021. In February 2023, the fifth and final season is scheduled to premiere.

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