The best mobile games of all time

Top 10 Mobile Games in 2023

The Google Play Store has millions of apps and games, and more are being uploaded every day. However, only a select few of these make it to the top of the charts list. From that list, we've selected the top 10 Android games that are playable on any contemporary smartphone that has Play Store. Although most of the games are free to play, some may demand in-game purchases.

Top 10 Android mobile games to play

 10.  Temple Run (Series)

The pioneer of unending runners is regarded as Temple Run. The flagship mobile time killer from Imangi Studios captivated everyone's attention before the mobile gaming industry became swamped with original and licenced titles within that genre. Running as long as you can while dodging a huge creature, collecting coins, and using cunning moves to stay alive brings out everyone's heroic archaeologist spirit. The Indiana Jones feelings have always been strong here.

 09.  Subway Surfers

Since we're talking about famous unending runners, Subway Surfers, the emblematic city runner, must be mentioned. In order to survive as long as they can, the young graffiti artists in this game must explore every square inch of the large city they live in. The game's cheery aesthetic makes it far more approachable for all the younger players out there, which contributes to the fact that it continues to keep a respectable position among the top games on both the App Store and Google Play stores. Where is our hoverboard right now?

 08.  Candy Crush (series)


The experience of playing match-three mobile puzzlers will always be seen as being defined by Candy Crush and its numerous sequels. You get access to all of those delicious sweet delights and beverages as you match them in a huge selection of hard puzzle settings. A Candy Crush game is perhaps the one that you're most likely to still see your grandparents playing on a regular basis. Once you begin moving up to the most tough puzzle levels, it's impossible to put this mobile puzzler down.

 07.  Angry Birds (Series)


It sounds like a vivid fever dream to slingshot birds into random buildings filled with wicked pigs. Fortunately, you don't need to be impaired by anything in order to completely enjoy that peculiar event. Since its introduction on mobile devices, the primary Angry Birds series has become a widely recognised classic and exemplifies the casual puzzler approach to mobile gaming. Please pardon us while we attend to our bird-throwing and book-crushing pastimes.

 06.  Call of Duty: Mobile


Technology for smartphones and tablets has advanced considerably, doesn't it? Now that the Call of Duty series' classic gunplay has been perfectly adapted for mobile devices, it has a quick and frenzied feel to it. The most well-known first-person shooter in the world is now available on mobile devices, and it includes the renowned multiplayer modes and Battle Royale experience that console players have been enjoying for the longest. The mobile version of this game now includes Zombies Mode, thus it has actually evolved into something that is on par with the home console version of the franchise.

 05.  Clash of clans

The tower-defense, strategy RPG phenomenon that spawned many imitators is none other than Clash of Clans from SuperCell. The frantic action that breaks out whenever opposing tribes start fighting is perfectly complemented by the game's distinctive art style. In addition to the numerous random clashes, you'll spend a lot of time building your kingdom, bolstering your army, and designing the best possible layout. For good reason—just it's that darn excellent—Clash of Clans has influenced a tonne of other mobile tower-defense games.

 04.  pokemon Go


When Pokémon GO first debuted in 2016, no one anticipated it would become the worldwide phenomenon that it did. It used to be common to see people with mobile phones walking about their communities seeking for Pocket Monsters. Due to its iconic licence and addicting gameplay objective, "GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL," this augmented reality mobile game is still a force to be reckoned with in the genre. Where the hell is that dang Shiny Charmander now?

 03.  Clash Royale


Clash Royale was created after Clash of Clans switched to a different set of tower-defense gaming principles. Additionally, this series spinoff succeeds in being engrossing in a manner similar to the mega-hit that came before it. The arena battles in Clash Royale let you build the greatest card decks and use them to take down your opponent's base. The frantic action is ideal for appealing to mobile generals who have quick thinking in the midst of battle. The friendly 1v1 and 2v2 battles in the game will keep you occupied for sure.

 02.  PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was the title that defined the genre and attracted the most attention before Fortnite entered the battle royale space and seized the top spot. Players were shocked by how faithful this port ended up being to the source material once it ultimately made it to mobile devices. To keep its devoted player base happy, PUBG MOBILE consistently introduces unique events and plays just as well as its console counterpart.

 01.  Asphalt 9: Legends

 The first thing that probably comes to mind if you get a close look at this mobile racer in action is, "How is this thing operating on my phone?" Asphalt 9: Legends has fantastic graphics, and the fast-paced racing and chases are no less amazing. Asphalt 9: Legends is the go-to racing game for all mobile gaming enthusiasts because to the licenced vehicles you can jump into, the thrilling circuit layouts, and the vast array of modes available to you.

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