ChatGPT: Now Available on Azure OpenAI Service

"ChatGPT" in the preview on the Azure OpenAI Service


Microsoft announced today, March 9, that ChatGPT, the trendiest technology in the market, is now accessible via the Azure OpenAI Service as a preview. Nevertheless, you must first apply and be approved if you haven't already had access to the cloud service. Only Microsoft-managed customers and partners will get initial access. As on March 9, those who have been approved can begin utilizing ChatGPT. Beginning on March 13, usage of ChatGPT will be billed at a rate of $0.002/1k tokens.

"When ChatGPT was introduced late last year, we've seen several scenarios it may be used for, such summarising content, producing suggested email text, and even aiding with software development queries," wrote Microsoft executive Eric Boyd in a blog post on March 9.

Developers can now incorporate unique AI-powered experiences directly into their applications with ChatGPT, which is currently available in preview as part of Azure OpenAI Service. Examples include improving current bots to handle unexpected questions, recapping call center conversations to enable quicker customer support resolutions, creating new ad copy with personalized offers, automating claims processing, and more.

As of January, organizations can apply to use some of the most cutting-edge AI models in the world from Microsoft partner OpenAI, including GPT-3.5, the upgraded large language model (LLM) that drives ChatGPT, DALL•E 2 for picture production, and Codex for software development.

In contrast to regular OpenAI access, Microsoft's Azure service offers security and other enterprise capabilities, and the Azure team has been working with OpenAI to develop APIs. Requesters must check off 25 different boxes and submit an organizational Azure subscription ID, company email address (,,, and similar addresses "will be DENIED"), firm website, and other information to access the service.

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