How To Access GPT-4: Explained

What is the way to currently obtain access to GPT-4?

OpenAI, a leader in generative AI, launched its newest offering on Tuesday. GPT-4, the next-generation big language model, a step up from the one that took the world by storm in the shape of ChatGPT, is out.

Nevertheless, unlike ChatGPT's debut in November of last year, this isn't just a web application anyone can test out for free.

How to Access GPT-4 with ChatGPT+?

You must pay for a membership to ChatGPT+, the more expensive version of ChatGPT, to use the GPT-4 model's free text generation feature.

GPT-4 is the model being utilized by ChatGPT, but only if you're a premium member with access to ChatGPT+, as stated on OpenAI's announcement page for GPT-4 (sometimes styled "ChatGPT Plus"). The button on that page will take you immediately to ChatGPT if you're signed into your OpenAI account, and if you're a paid ChatGPT+ member, that's it. Have a wonderful time!

Nevertheless, you'll have to upgrade if you're already utilizing a free membership. Choose "Upgrade to Plus" from the menu on the left.

After that, you'll see a popup explaining the benefits of the "Plus" upgrade.

By clicking the green "Upgrade Plan" button, you'll be taken to a typical e-commerce sales page where you'll need to enter the required details and pay $20 per month.

Once you've made a purchase, ChatGPT will get you quick access to the new model. No waitlist for you.

While opening a new chat, a pulldown will give you the choice to utilize one of the previous models or GPT-4. Given the significant speed disparity between GPT-4 and the others, you should pay attention to OpenAI's caution.

You might see a prompt to switch to GPT-4 if you're currently using ChatGPT. If you do, a text bar will be added in the center of your current chat with the following message: "The earlier conversational model is not available. You are now using the most recent default model." Older outputs that used GPT-3 will have the previous OpenAI logo to their left, which is green; newer outputs that use GPT-4 will have the new OpenAI logo, which is black.

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