Microsoft will enhance the default app configurations in Windows 11

Microsoft has introduced a new function in Windows 11 that enables users to establish their preferred applications as default.

According to Microsoft's announcement, major changes will be made to how Windows controls which programs open particular files by default and how users can add programs to their Start menu on the taskbar or desktop.

When developers wish to modify how Windows 11 reacts to particular links and file types, the tech giant will create a new deep link "universal resource identifier" (URI) that enables them to direct users to the appropriate menu item in the Settings menu.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated that it will soon offer a new Settings deep link URI that would allow apps to lead users to the proper place in Settings so they could update their settings.

Also, the business announced that it will introduce a new public API that will display a prompt asking you to allow programs permission before they appear on those interface elements, giving users more choice over which apps are pinned to their desktop, start menu, and taskbar.

The business announced that it will soon release a new publicly accessible API that would allow programs to pin either primary or secondary tiles to the Taskbar.

According to the business, the two capabilities would initially be accessible on Windows Insider Dev Channel Computers in the upcoming months before making an appearance in the operating system's general release.

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