OpenAI introduces its latest language model, GPT-4.

GPT-4, the newest language model Launched by OpenAI.


The introduction of GPT-4, a sizable multimodal model that can accept image and text inputs and produce text outputs, has been announced by OpenAI. The business asserts that although the model may not perform at a human level in many real-world situations, it performs at a human level on a variety of academic and professional standards.

For instance, according to reports, GPT-4 received a score in the top 10% of test takers and passed a mock bar exam. As a comparison to GPT-3.5, which had a score in the lowest 10%, this is a substantial improvement.

According to a statement released by the company, OpenAI spent six months iteratively aligning the model while using lessons learned from its adversarial testing program and ChatGPT system. The company also stated that over the previous two years, it had completely rebuilt its deep learning stack and collaborated with Azure to build a supercomputer specifically for its workload. We used GPT-3.5 training as a first "test run" a year ago "of the apparatus. We identified certain problems, corrected them, and strengthened our theoretical underpinnings."

We were able to precisely anticipate the training performance of our GPT-4 model, making it our first large model. As a result, our GPT-4 training run was (for us at least!) unprecedentedly steady. We intend to refine our methods as we keep our attention on dependable scaling to better foresee and plan for future capabilities, which we believe is essential for safety.

The text input functionality of GPT-4 is being made available by OpenAI through its ChatGPT system and API, but the picture input functionality will be made first available to a single partner before being made more generally available. To encourage further advancements, the business is also opening-sourcing its OpenAI Evals platform, which automates the evaluation of AI model performance. This will enable anybody to raise issues with OpenAI's models.

In what ways is GPT-4 superior to GPT-3.5?

In experiments, OpenAI discovered that the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 differences became noticeable when the task's complexity crossed a critical level.

It was discovered that GPT-4 was more trustworthy, inventive, and able to handle far more complex commands than its predecessor.

OpenAI evaluated the models using a variety of benchmarks, such as recreating exams that were initially created for people, utilizing the most recent tests that were made available to the public, or purchasing sample tests for the 2022–2023 timeframe.

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