What is GPT-4: A Brief Description

GPT-4: A Brief Introduction.


We can all agree that GPT-3 was a significant advancement. the improved model that, in contrast to GPT-2, could produce fluid paragraphs. Following the introduction of GPT-3, the conversation about the "next big thing" has been relatively subdued. We now have more knowledge regarding GPT-4.

Due to NDA, the specifics of the GPT-4 specifications are still in flux, although it is anticipated that 100 trillion parameters will be used . This is the first large-scale model whose primary design features are sparsity. What does sparsity mean? Well, it indicates that the compute cost is probably going to be reduced even at the 100T parameter space. As a result, the final model still contains a significant number of activated neurons. According to a layperson's perspective, it is a model that can retain many more options for the "next word," "next sentence," or "next emotion" depending on the situation.

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