Andrew Tate has been Released from a prison in Romania and has been put under house arrest.

After being imprisoned in Romania, Andrew Tate was freed and placed under house arrest.

Credit: The Mirror

An appeal to switch Andrew Tate's detention to house arrest has been successful, an official announced on Friday. Tate is the contentious internet personality who has spent months in a Romanian jail on charges of organized crime and human trafficking.

According to Ramona Bolla, a representative for Romania's anti-organized crime organization, DIICOT, Tate's appeal, which contested a judge's last week order to extend his arrest for a fourth time for 30 days, was successful at the Bucharest Court of Appeal.

In late December, Tate, a British-American dual citizen who has a Twitter following of 5.5 million, was taken into custody in Bucharest, Romania, along with his brother Tristan and two women from Romania.

The four were successful in their appeal on Friday and will now be under house arrest until April 29, according to Bolla. The four have not yet been formally charged. The judge decided that they should be released right away. Bolla said that the appellate court's judgment was definitive and cannot be contested by the prosecution.

Tristan Tate spoke to a group of journalists as he and his brother were leaving the detention facility in Bucharest on a Friday evening. He expressed his approval of the judge's decision that day and said that he respected their actions. He also stated that the decision would ultimately clear his name, as he believes he is innocent, and he looks forward to proving it.

Outside the building, some Andrew Tate supporters were chanting "Top-G, Top-G," which is a well-known nickname that many of his followers use to refer to him. Afterward, Andrew Tate expressed his desire to thank the judges "who heard us today, because they were attentive and they listened to us, and they let us go," standing in front of what is thought to be the Tate brothers' residence close to the capital.

"I have no grudge in my heart against Romania or against anyone else," he declared. "I merely trust in the truth. I firmly think that justice will ultimately be carried out. There is just no chance that I will be found guilty of anything."

Andrew Tate, a kickboxing professional who has been living in Romania since 2017, was barred from several social media platforms in the past due to expressing hateful and misogynistic opinions. He has frequently maintained that Romanian prosecutors lack evidence and accused them of attempting to silence him through a "political" plot.

According to a statement by DIICOT following the arrests made in December, six individuals were identified as victims of human trafficking in the case. These individuals were allegedly subjected to physical violence and mental manipulation and were sexually exploited by members of the criminal group involved.

The organization reported that victims were enticed with promises of affection, but later coerced into participating in pornographic acts for the financial gain of the criminal group. The victims were subjected to intimidation, surveillance, and other controlling tactics.

In January, authorities in Romania raided a compound connected to the Tate brothers and confiscated several expensive cars, including a Rolls-Royce, a Ferrari, and a Porsche, with a total estimated worth of $3.9 million. The prosecutors have stated that if they can establish that the vehicles' owners obtained funds through illegal activities like human trafficking, the assets will be utilized to cover the costs of the investigation and compensate the victims. Andrew Tate unsuccessfully contested the seizure of these assets.

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