Millie Bobby Brown, who starred in "Stranger Things," is engaged at the age of 19

Millie Bobby Brown, who is famous for her role in 'Stranger Things', has announced her engagement

Image Credit: BBC

It seems like Millie Bobby Brown has grown up quickly. It feels like just recently she was a young and adorable kid with a shaved head, playing Eleven in Stranger Things and running away from dangerous Upside Down creatures and shady government officials.

She would often eat Eggo Waffles with Chief Hopper, hide out with her friends in Mike’s basement, and use her psychic abilities to fend off bullies and find Will.

However, she is now 19 years old and has become engaged. Although some may believe it is too young to get married, many people do so at a young age, with some having successful marriages and others ending in divorce.

Brown announced on Instagram, where she posted a photo of her and her fiancĂ©, displaying a prominent engagement ring. The caption, which is from a Taylor Swift song called 'Lover', read, “I've loved you three summers now, honey, I want 'em all.”

Who is the boyfriend/fiancé of Millie Bobby Brown?

Brown is engaged to Jake Bongiovi (20) the son of rockstar Jon Bon Jovi and his wife Dorothea. His acting career is currently in the upcoming stage, with the upcoming HBO Max film Sweethearts from Dollface creator Jordan Weiss directing. Kiernan Shipka and Nico Hiraga star in the upcoming film.

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