The Starship rocket from SpaceX exploded just a few minutes into its flight.

The Starship rocket of SpaceX exploded just a few minutes into its flight.

Image credit: Skynews

On Thursday, SpaceX managed to launch its enormous Starship rocket into the sky, but unfortunately, it exploded a few minutes into the test flight. The company, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, referred to the explosion as a "rapid unscheduled disassembly before stage separation." Luckily, no individuals or satellites were on the rocket, which stood at almost 400 feet tall.

According to SpaceX, the value of this test lies in the knowledge gained, and the results will contribute to enhancing the dependability of Starship as the company works towards its goal of enabling human habitation on other planets.

The rocket launch occurred on the Gulf Coast of Texas but was briefly postponed on Thursday. The countdown clock was halted for 40 seconds to evaluate the rocket's technical aspects. After a few minutes, the countdown resumed, and the rocket was launched.

It is not certain if the technical problems that caused the delay had any role in the rocket's explosion. Despite the setback, SpaceX expressed satisfaction with the achievements made so far, and commended its team for the first integrated flight test of Starship.

Starship is marketed as a "completely reusable transportation system."

This was SpaceX's second try at launching the rocket, as a previous attempt was called off earlier in the week because of technical difficulties. The ambition is for Starship to eventually transport humans to the moon and possibly even to Mars.

According to SpaceX, Starship has the potential to transport as many as 100 people on lengthy interplanetary journeys.

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