Google Introduces 'Help me write' AI Feature for Efficient Email Composing in Gmail

At Google I/O, CEO Sundar Pichai made a major announcement that AI will compose Gmail for users.

During the Google I/O event, the CEO, Sundar Pichai, introduced an AI tool for Gmail called 'Help me write.' Here is everything you should know about this particular feature.

At the Google I/O event on Wednesday, Google unveiled a new capability for its widely-used email service, Gmail. This feature will employ artificial intelligence (AI) to aid users in composing emails. The user will initiate the tool, which will automate the writing process and enhance efficiency.

The "Help me write" feature that was recently introduced for Gmail has the ability to generate an entire email in response to user prompts. This new feature will be included in future Google Workspace updates for both web and mobile users.

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It is an improvement over previous features like Smart Reply and Smart Compose, which respectively provided brief responses with one click and suggested writing as users composed emails.

During the Google I/O event, CEO Sundar Pichai explained that users only need to enter a prompt, such as an email requesting a full refund, and click "create" to see a complete draft in front of them.

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