Meta introduces a new feature to WhatsApp that lets users lock their chats

WhatsApp Introduces Chat Lock Feature for Enhanced Privacy and Security

On Monday, Meta unveiled a new feature called Chat Lock for WhatsApp, which allows users to place specific chats within a secure folder accessible only through password or biometric authentication.

The recently launched Chat Lock feature by Meta ensures the protection of user privacy by allowing both individual and group chats to be hidden within a secure folder. This feature safeguards against message previews appearing in notifications for locked chats.

Meta expressed in their blog post that the feature is particularly useful for individuals who occasionally share their phones with family members or in situations where someone else is temporarily holding their phone when an important chat message arrives. The rollout of this feature is global, making it accessible to WhatsApp users worldwide.

To secure a WhatsApp chat using the Chat Lock feature, users need to tap on the name of the individual sender or the group. Following this, they can select the lock option to initiate the locking process.

In order to make these locked chats visible, users can pull down the inbox, which will reveal the folder containing the locked chats. To access the locked chats once again, users will need to unlock them using either a password or biometric authentication.

Meta said that it planned to add more Chat Lock options, such as the ability to lock chats on other devices, as well as custom passwords that would not be the same as the smartphone password.

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