Microsoft Improves Bing AI Capabilities and Access

Bing's AI technology helps overcome language barriers through features like image creation and others.

image Credit: Reuters

Bing AI, a technology developed by Microsoft, has increased its functionality by adding visual search to its chat feature and has also revealed updates to both Bing AI and Edge aimed at improving the overall user experience.

Microsoft's Bing, which was launched in February 2023, has emerged as a serious challenger to Google's search market dominance. Although Bing AI faced negative publicity initially, Microsoft has worked diligently to improve the technology, and it has come a long way since then.

Today, Microsoft is expanding the capabilities of Bing AI to provide a better user experience. Here's a rundown of how the company is enhancing Bing AI and making it more accessible to users.

Increasing the Bing AI Capabilities:

Previously, Bing AI was only accessible to a limited group of users who had to join a waitlist to access the technology. However, now, users can access Bing AI directly without having to sign up for any waitlist.

Furthermore, Microsoft is expanding the image creation capabilities of Bing, with the Bing image creator having been utilized to create more than 200 million images. Additionally, the AI-powered image generator is being improved to understand over a hundred languages, to make it accessible to a wider range of users.

Bing Chat's visual search:

As part of its efforts to improve the user experience, Microsoft is developing the capability for visual search in its chat feature. This means that users will be able to upload images to Bing AI chat and search for related content on the web.

Furthermore, the company has announced several other improvements for Bing AI and Edge to enhance the overall functionality of the platforms.

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