WhatsApp Users to Benefit from Built-in Sticker Maker Tool

WhatsApp Beta Users Get Access to New Sticker Maker Tool

WhatsApp users frequently utilize stickers in their conversations with friends and family. Previously, in order to incorporate stickers into the instant messaging app, people had to resort to third-party applications like

However, this situation may soon undergo a significant change according to a recent report by WABetaInfo. The report suggests that WhatsApp developers are currently working on a new tool for creating stickers. This upcoming feature will enable users to transform an image into a sticker by leveraging iOS 16 APIs. These APIs are designed to extract the main subject from an image and automatically convert it into a sticker.

The option to create a 'New Sticker' is conveniently located within the chat share action sheet. Users will be able to select an image from their library and easily convert it into a sticker. This development is highly advantageous as it eliminates the need for users to rely on and download third-party applications for accessing new stickers.

Currently, the sticker maker tool is accessible to WhatsApp beta users on iOS version However, it remains uncertain whether and when this functionality will be implemented in the stable version of the app.

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In recent times, WhatsApp introduced a privacy-oriented feature that allows users to lock specific chats, report inappropriate messages within group chats, and silence incoming calls from unknown numbers. This feature was rolled out earlier this month.

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