Apple Watch prevents woman's death from blood clot: Report

Apple Watch Alerts and Saves Woman from Potentially Deadly Blood Clot

ccording to media reports, a woman's life was potentially saved by an Apple Watch when it alerted her and woke her up from a nap, preventing a potentially fatal blood clot.

Kimmie Watkins, feeling unwell one day, decided to take a nap in an effort to alleviate her symptoms, as reported by AppleInsider. Experiencing lightheadedness and dizziness, she attributed it to insufficient food intake.

Her nap was abruptly interrupted when her Apple Watch alerted her to a heart rate of 178 beats per minute, which was considerably high. Watkins recalled being awakened by an alarm on her Apple Watch that indicated her heart rate had been elevated for an extended period, exceeding 10 minutes.

Upon visiting her doctor, Watkins received the diagnosis of a saddle pulmonary embolism, a blood clotting condition, despite having no previous history of heart problems. She is currently undergoing treatment with blood thinners and focusing on rebuilding her stamina, as stated in the report.

In another incident earlier this year, an Apple Watch played a crucial role in saving someone's life by detecting a rapid pulse following a nap, leading to the discovery of severe internal bleeding. Additionally, a pregnant woman attributed the wearable device with saving her life and that of her unborn baby after receiving a warning about an unusually high heart rate.

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