Apple's Latest Patent Hints at Future iPhones with Enhanced Scratch Resistance

Apple's patent hints at upcoming scratch-resistant iPhones.

Image Credit: 91 Mobiles

The renowned company headquartered in Cupertino has recently been granted a fresh patent by the USPTO named "Spatial Composites." This patent essentially describes how the iPhone manufacturer intends to employ an innovative technique for integrating materials such as ceramic and metal into the smartphone's housing casing. This advancement aims to enhance the device's durability by making its shell more resistant to scratches and capable of withstanding greater impact. Additionally, these materials can be shaped into various sizes that interconnect, thereby providing additional protection against dents.

By employing these stronger materials and innovative embedding process, Apple has the potential to significantly enhance the structural integrity of its iPhones. This would involve reinforcing the device's overall hardness while maintaining flexibility by altering its density. In simpler terms, the corners of the housing could be made harder to better withstand dents and scratches, resulting in improved protection.

The patent not only focuses on smartphones but also includes other mobile devices such as watches, tablets, laptops, notebooks, and music playback devices. This suggests that Apple is exploring the possibility of incorporating these advancements into various products, potentially leading to a substantial shift in the materials used for their gadgets and ultimately making them even more durable.

However, it's important to note that this is currently just a patent, and it may take several years before these advancements are implemented and introduced to the market.

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