Google Meet to introduce fast self-reframing during calls

Google Meet is introducing a feature that allows users to quickly adjust their video frame during calls.

Although virtual meetings with your boss may not be eagerly anticipated, Google Meet offers enjoyable video effects that can add a touch of fun. You have the ability to alter the background to a completely different setting or utilize Meet's reframing tool to enhance your video feed. However, locating these options during a call may not always be straightforward. Consequently, Meet is introducing a new accessible shortcut to facilitate quick adjustments while you're engaged in a call.

Before initiating a call, you have the option to blur the background and apply entertaining animated filters for personal chats. However, during a call, these video effects are located in a sub-menu, making them less accessible. To address this, Google Meet is now featuring these options prominently by displaying them when you hover your mouse pointer over your own video feed.

During a video call, simply move your mouse cursor over your video to reveal the new options. Within the context menu, you'll discover the Reframe button, which automatically readjusts your video feed to position yourself in the center of the frame. It's important to note that the reframing feature is exclusively accessible to individuals with a Workspace account or those who subscribe to Google One's 2TB or higher plan using their personal Google account.

In addition to the convenient reframing shortcut, you will also notice the option to adjust video effects in the provided animated example. By clicking on the button, a familiar interface will open in a side panel, allowing you to select either a static or animated background for your video. These additions are designed to save you time by eliminating the need to search for the relevant setting among the various options displayed on the screen during a call.

The rollout of these changes for Google Meet on the web is occurring rapidly. The new visual effects and reframing options are already visible on personal Gmail and Workspace accounts. If you don't have access to them yet, you can expect the update to be available to everyone within a week.

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