Meta Unveils Quest 3: Next-Generation Mixed Reality Headset Takes Center Stage

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg reveals the Quest 3 virtual reality headset.

Image Credit: Polygon

To maintain its competitive edge, Meta's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, recently revealed the company's latest mixed reality headset, the Quest 3. This strategic move was made on Friday, June 2, preempting Apple's anticipated entry into the emerging market that Meta has thus far controlled.

Priced at $499, the Quest 3 showcases an elegant and slim design, boasting a 40 percent reduction in thickness compared to its previous version. Mark Zuckerberg made use of Instagram to announce that the headset will introduce color mixed reality, combining augmented and virtual reality elements to provide users with an engaging and immersive visual journey.

An important upgrade in the Quest 3 is the incorporation of a new Qualcomm chipset, which delivers double the graphics performance compared to its predecessor. This advancement aims to meet the demands of gamers and facilitate the usage of more advanced applications.

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The Quest 3 also showcases at least three front-facing cameras, indicating improved pass-through experiences that allow users to see the real world while wearing the headset. This feature enhances the interaction with virtual content and provides wearers with enhanced depth perception.

Mark Zuckerberg has assured that additional details about the Quest 3 will be unveiled during Meta's annual AR/VR conference on September 27. The conference is anticipated to offer a more comprehensive exploration of the headset's features, specifications, and potential partnerships.

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